Expatriation Tax Planning

photos - passports (nz, au)For those citizens and permanent residents looking to expatriate from the United States, new laws enacted in 2008 have changed the expatriation landscape dramatically. The 10-year rule you may have known in prior years has been replaced with a new expatriation regime. The new rules are somewhat more complicated and require the expatriate to pay an “exit” tax, however in the long run, the new scheme is more efficiently enforced and, in the right circumstances, provides for significant tax benefits to the expatriate.

photo - airplaneWhile expatriation is not the solution for every client, at Dorot & Bensimon PL our attorneys can help you determine whether expatriation is the right solution for you and, if so, we can assist you throughout the process to assure that you are maximizing the potential benefits and avoiding the common pitfalls.

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