Dorot & Bensimon PL is a boutique law firm specializing in domestic and international tax and estate planning.  Our practice is made up of exceptional attorneys and staff, dedicated to serving our clients in South Florida and around the world.


While our specialty is taxation law, we engage in the underlying transactions and provide the crucial element of addressing the tax implications.  Our practice areas include:

  • Estate Planning
  • Probate & Estate Administration
  • Asset Protection
  • International Tax Planning for Individuals
  • International Tax Planning for Companies
  • Foreign Investment in U.S. Real Property and Markets
  • Tax Compliance and Controversy
  • Foreign Account Disclosure and Compliance
  • Business Entity Formation and Operation
  • Business Contracts and Agreements
  • Offshore Entities, Trusts, and Foundations


By the nature of our practice and experience, we assist families and businesses in all aspects of their legal needs.  While we do not practice in all areas, we have developed strong relationships with like-minded firms with whom we have worked closely and can recommend when necessary, such as immigration, intellectual property, real estate, franchise, litigation, criminal and family, to name a few.


Our dedication to our clients’ needs, coupled with our availability and responsiveness have proved to be the foundation of a successful law firm.  Given the opportunity, we look forward to earning your trust and business.



DOROT & BENSIMON PL was established in 2012 when Datan Dorot and Daniel Bensimon merged their respective practices, DOROT LAW, PA and BENSIMON LAW, PA.  The combination of their skillsets and experience birthed a diverse and highly-sophisticated practice.


Datan and Daniel first met as neighbors when they were in middle-school.  Playing together on the same basketball team from age 14 through high-school already started a life-long comradery and mutual respect for one another.  Little did they know where their path may lead.


When they graduated high-school, Daniel relocated to New York City, where he attended Yeshiva University, where he played Division III basketball.  Datan stayed in Boca Raton and attended Florida Atlantic University, where he played intermural dodgeball. Although far away, the two saw each other during breaks.  By the time the two graduated, however, they lost touch.


After undergrad, Daniel immediately enrolled at the University of Miami School of Law to pursue a legal career.  Datan, by sheer coincidence, decided he, too, would pursue a legal career, but first took a year off to travel the world.  


In 2006, Daniel graduated from law school with an LL.M. in Taxation.  Datan, who had since moved to Gainesville, and graduated with his law degree from the University of Florida, decided to enroll in the University of Miami’s LL.M. in Estate Planning program.  Although not having been in touch for years, one day, at the “Bricks” courtyard of the University of Miami Law School, the two bumped into each other – both very confused as to why the other was there.  After catching up, the two were shocked to learn that they both, although by different paths, found themselves at the start of a legal career in taxation and estate planning.


Daniel began his career at an accounting firm, and then took a job with a boutique tax and estate planning law firm in Coral Gables.  Datan began his career at a boutique international tax and estate planning law firm in Miami. The two rekindled their friendship and, with so much in common, their friendship and respect for one another grew even stronger.


In 2009, at the height of the economic downturn, both Datan and Daniel found themselves starting their solo practices; Daniel, with Bensimon Law in Boca Raton, and Datan, with Dorot Law in Aventura.  Both just starting out on their own, they found themselves collaborating and supporting each other in any way they could, until January of 2012, when they made the decision to join forces and introduce DOROT & BENSIMON PL.

Ever since the two have been working together to deliver excellence and solutions to their diverse client base.  Although both practice in the same general field, each brings a unique perspective to the table, resulting in a comprehensive approach to meet client needs.


Today, Daniel lives in Boca Raton with his wife and six children and runs the Boca Raton office of the firm. Datan lives in North Miami Beach with his wife, three children, and their dog, and runs the Aventura office of the firm.  The two continue to play basketball and spend time with their families, and their 24 years of friendship continues to grow and strengthen.